• Powder Coating Services

    Our history

    Euro Fence Coatings Ltd was established in 1991 specifically to cater for the powder coating needs of the fencing industry. Since then we have carried out a planned program of continuous improvement and expansion, culminating in the establishment of our new “state of the art” plant at Forge Lane, Dewsbury.

Emphasis on Customer Relations

Our success is built on a solid relationship with our customers. Our customers include household names in the fencing, construction and fabrication industries. We can supply products direct to industrial users in the UK, or provide product ranges for trade distributors in the UK, Europe and many other parts of the world.

Highest Quality Standards

All our services are delivered with safety, quality, reliability and you in mind. Euro's high standards are maintained by quality systems managed by BS 6497.

COSHH and CHIP services are conducted in-house so any technical problems that may be experienced can be dealt with immediately.

At Euro Fence Coatings Ltd we have introduced both alkaline and acidic cleaning on line. This provides a highly efficient method of combating white rust as and when it occurs. Even when metal is free of white rust, running it through an acidic cleaning process etches the surface, which improves overall adhesion of the powder coating.

Professional Staff

It is our business to know about industrial processes, products and applications. You can be certain that your requirements will be fulfilled efficiently and speedily by our onsite highly trained staff. Whether it be a technical problem or health and safety issue, our staff are here to help you.

Concern for the Environment

Euro Fence Coatings Ltd are constantly improving procedures to minimise the potential environment impacts of its activities including; reduction of waste, emissions to the environment and by employing energy efficient methods of service. Where possible, materials are re-graded or recycled in preference to registered waste disposal.

Euro Fence Coatings Ltd is also conscious of the raw materials used in its processes and strives to use biodegradable and environmentally acceptable ingredients.



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